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Research Interests

I have extensive experience in Computer Vision, Machine Learning and Deep Learning research. I am currently leading the Neural Network hardware accelerator software team at Samsung. I am actively working on algorithms that accelerate and compress Neural Networks. During my PhD thesis, I dealt with video understanding, texture/structure partition, texture compression, synthesis and video compression. I have also worked on problems related to video segmentation, scene flow and texture segmentation. I have been exposed through research or courses to Machine Learning, Video and Image Processing and Convex Optimization.

*NEW* Paper accepted at CVPR 2019

*NEW* Nov. 2018. I was promoted to Senior Deep Learning Research Team Lead at Samsung

*NEW* Jan. 2017. I joined Samsung as a Senior Computer Vision Researcher

*NEW* Paper accepted at WACV 2016

*NEW* Dec. 2015. I joined Dolby Laboratories as a Research Engineer

*NEW* Paper accepted at CVPR 2015

*NEW* Paper accepted at DCC 2015

Paper accepted at DCC 2013

Paper accepted at SPIE Int. Soc. Opt. Eng. 2012

Paper accepted at CVPR 2012

Paper accepted at DCC 2012


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